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Design & Drawing
Schematic G.A. drawing and preliminary circuit drawing are prepared with tentative list of materials & bought out components
Sent for approval with customer
Customer’s approval with comments is received
Drawings are received as per comments and detailed engineering is done, manufacturing drawing developed and simultaneously final list of materials are prepared
Manufacturing drawings are sent to shops and materials list sent for purchasing

Drawings are done on CAD.

Fabrication work is taken up as per drawings approved by the client, after receipt of Pre-treated material as stated above. Before taking up fabrication thickness of all sheets are checked. After fabrication dimensions of panels are checked as per drag. and then sent for painting.
Following process are adopted, in that order, for 9 –tank pre-treatment of sheet and other steel material after sizing and forming.
i. Degreasing vi. Phosphatising
ii. Washing with running water vii. Washing with running water
iii. Acid pickling viii. Passivation
iv. Washing with running water ix. Washing with running water
v. Washing with running water    
After pre-treatment of fabrication part is over in all respect, painting is carried out as per Customer’s requirements/specifications.
Gaskets are fitted after final painting and sufficient care is taken to ensure that the degree of protections maintained
Components are mounted on the panel as per approved drawing and complete wiring is done.
Bus bars for line and earth are also fitted, before fixing the units/components.
Visual inspection is carried out to check whether there is any distortion / damage.
Testing of units like breakers, contactors, relays, CTs etc. is carried out and the results are observed and noted.
Following test are carried out on the assembled panel
Polarity check of the CTs
Insulation Test of Bus bars & Power Circuit by 1000V, Insulation Tester
Insulation Test of Control circuit by 500V, Insulation Tester
Primary Injection test
Secondary Injection Test
Sequential operation test as per Circuit diagram
Testing of Protection circuit
High-potential test (in presence of Client’s representative )
Following drawings and documents are finally submitted to client.
Bill of materials
G.A/Foundation plan
Power & Control Circuit diagram
Termination details
Test certificate
Guarantee certificate
Test Certificate of the components if required by the client
Catalogue for any typical components
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