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Quality Assurance Plan
Quality Certification

Quality Assurance Plan

Checking of Basic Raw materials & components
Sheet Steel For size and surface finish
Electrical Stampings Check for surface finish, weight, size, cut edge, orientation direction for CRCA steel, Thickness must be burr free and smooth.
Structural Steel For hardness, thickness, thickness and edge finish, size & straightness, rust free. Hardware to be checked for size & finish of plating.
Copper/Aluminum Conductor
Bar-strips-softness, size, weight, straightness & conductivity check resistance per meter & verify for electrolytic grade, edge should be burr free. Manufacturer test certificate.
Enameled or DGC conductor – size of bare conductor, thickness & quality of insulation, weight, softness (wind ability), continuity, conductivity. As per meter & velocity for electrolytic grade, Manufacturer test certificate.
Insulating materials – Quality, thickness & size of material finish & conduct high voltage break down test on sample pieces, insulated PVC or other wires for voltage grade, size & ISI mark. Manufacturer test certificate.
Bought out standard components: Rating and make finish & manual & electrical operation on no load contact make & break by multimeters.
Insulating varnish & Paint – Make, Packing & Date of expiry check proper flow & viscosity when using proper thinner use stoving temperature only as per manufacturer instruction.
Quality Check During Manufacturing Process
During fabrication: Proceed as per approval drawing finish of bends & welding to be smooth & burr free. Use hand tools & machines with dies with care and proper tooling, final assembly to be matched with drawing.
Check chemical properties of solution of various tanks raise temperature as required. Strictly follow the surface treatment procedure 9 tanks namely.
Raise temperature of stoving oven to above 180 degree C. spray the powder of specify shade, cure the job sprayed with powder for 10 minutes at 180 degree C.
Quality Check For Testing Equipment
Equipment is calibrated once in a year from Govt. Laboratory (Govt. Engg. College).
Testing equipment is kept in proper packing/condition to ensure accurate result while testing.
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